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Planning to study on your own for the LSAT? This page provides a powerful set of free resources to help you prepare for the LSAT on your own schedule and at your own pace!

The PowerScore Self-Study Plans

Need a plan to help you organize your studies?
We have multiple options built around the amount of time you have remaining before the LSAT!

Note: These study plans are updated regularly, and the assignments provided correspond with the latest editions of PowerScore's publications.

PowerScore's Recommended Study Materials

PowerScore Self Study Pack

Each of the plans above lists a set of Recommended Study Materials—from PowerScore publications and resources, to real practice LSATs from the test makers—followed by detailed weekly assignments to get you ready for test day. These materials and weekly assignments have been carefully constructed by test experts to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, so be sure to follow the recommendations in your plan closely as you prepare.

In addition, you will find that each Study Plan provides links to other beneficial PowerScore content: our Free LSAT Help Area, our LSAT Forum, and our LSAT Blog. Each of these contains a wealth of additional free information and assistance, so please visit these sites frequently in the month(s) ahead!

Free Practice LSAT Scoring!

To assist you further, we also offer free access to PowerScore's renowned Test Scoring system, where you can score many of the Practice LSATs you take as part of your Study Plan, and receive comprehensive feedback on your performance. And by creating a unique user account, your test results will be saved for continued review and tracking as you continue your preparation!

Your account can be created and accessed via the boxes to the right; please take full advantage of this remarkable free feature by creating your account today!

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Free General Self-Study Guide

PowerScore Self Study Pack

Not sure about the whole self-study process or how to get started? This concise guide gives you an overview of how to self-study, and includes a host of resources to get the ball rolling.


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